Automatic Activation Device (AAD)

Mars Multi AAD

As a official dealer of a Mars Multi AAD, we offer you:

# Item Price [€]
1 Mars Multi AAD 790,00 €
4 Cutter m2 128,00 €

More info on Mars web page, orders by email

Vigil 2+ AAD

The Vigil2+ is a multi-mode automatic activation device manufactured by Advanced Aerospace Designs. The unit can be set in student, tandem or pro mode. The Vigil unit has a lifetime of 20 years.
You can choose between:

# Item Price [€]
1 Single cutter Multimode 1090,00 €
2 Double cutter Multimode 1090,00 €
3 Single cutter Xtreme 1090,00 €

More info on Vigil web page, orders by email

Cypres 2 AAD (15.5 year lifetime)

A proven maintenance plan, a driven dedication for excellence and frequent innovations defining today’s skydiving industry standards have made CYPRES the most popular AAD worldwide. Accept no substitutes!
Only CYPRES owns the necessary unique technology to give you the utmost safety your AAD can provide:

  • Unique cutter design – for a clean and reliable cut of the loop.
  • Unique handling and haptic – very easy to use and proven to avoid unwanted input.
  • Unique ground calibration – for maximum accuration. The only AAD which follows air pressure changes due to weather.
  • Unique technical service – a worldwide maintenance system on its own that has yet to be matched. Comprehensive treatment and all applicable updates – flat rate with an attractive pricing. Recommended only every 5 and 10 years.
To make installation of the CYPRES AAD easy, literally all usual sport skydiving parachute containers are factory prepared for the CYPRES set-up. Verify with your container manufacturer / rigger that your system is CYPRES ready.
You can choose between:
# Item Price [€]
1 changeable MODE CYPRES 2 1150,00 €
2 Expert CYPRES 2 1150,00 €
3 Student CYPRES 2 1150,00 €
4 Speed CYPRES 2 1150,00 €
5 Tandem CYPRES 2 1150,00 €
More info on Cypres web page, orders by email