Parachute Systems

Parachute Systems Vortex

The Vortex Sports some unique design features, making it the most comfortable rig to jump. It is so comfortable you can hardly feel it in free fall.

Parachute Systems Hurricane

The eliptical canopy from Praracute Systems, known for its consistently soft on heading openings. Great all around canopy.

Parachute Systems Volt

Slightly tapered airfoil with reliable on heading openings. Great for wingsuiting, with a flat glide and easy landings this canopy is ideal for intermediate pilots and jumpers who want a reliable and easy to fly canopy;

Parachute Systems Ventus

The Ventus is a hybrid nine cell canopy giving it a lower pack volume, it's slightly elipitical, with a similar airfoil to the Hurricane.

Parachute Systems V-Max

27 cell fully cross braced tapered airfoil;

Parachute Systems Decelerator

Strong reliable 7 cell reserve parachute. Small packing volume.